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Social Media is changing the world as we know it.

Our mission: Help our clients put social to work for them, & traverse this new world. 


Why did our clients hire us?

Here are some problems our clients had before they hired us, & you may have at the moment [and how we helped solve them]:

- Your company is small & at this time, there's no budget to cover salary+benefits+taxes for an in-house “social person.” [We're typically cheaper than a full-time hire]


- Your in-house “social person” is awesome, but overwhelmed, because effective social marketing requires skillfully doing all of the following: copywriting, photography, videography, animating, graphic design, planning, & most importantly, creating a strategy that serves brand goals. [Our team does all of this, exceptionally]


- Your PR agency was “doing social” by mostly linking to the press they had placed, & little else. [Props to the PR agency on the press hits! But social should be a heavier lift for your brand - driving audience actions, like sales, or engagement, or laughs - depending on your brand & business goals]


- The founders, who know the brand & product best, thought social would be most powerful if it came from their voice. But, they are very busy with much more critical actions. So, social has been neglected. [We helped level-up the social marketing up to match other brand touchpoints]


- The brand is not endemic to the young target-consumer audience, & realized that in the age of social, resonating with people requires authenticity. [With decades of action sports experience, we are credible & fluent in the vocabulary of youth culture]


- The brand wants to add a missional, social enterprise layer to their social strategy. [Our leadership of Drink Water - an initiative protesting 'energy' drink marketing, by promoting water in action sports - is a case study in impact marketing]


Traverse Agency exists to help our clients rise above the cacophony of social media, to deliver real value to followers, grow social communities, and help our clients connect with new customers, and achieve their visions. We don't litter.


 We are always interested in opportunities to collaborate, explore new horizons, learn about brand visions, and how we might potentially be of measurable service.


See you out there.