Anki is is pioneering the intersection between robotics, video games, toys & apps.They are building on decades of scientific research to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. Founded by roboticists, backed by legendary silicon-valley venture capital firms, and earning awards & rave reviews in the press & among consumers, Anki is creating a new product category.

Anki first became a Traverse client in 2014, & we were tasked as their social agency. Before Anki launched OVERDRIVE, raised their most recent multi-million dollar round of venture backing, or even began building Cozmo. At the time, their social voice was limited to tech information, published to Facebook and Twitter alone. With our deep experience in action sports, & resonating with a young consumer, Anki's creative agency at the time, West, brought Traverse in to help connect with the target consumer. We began with a radical redesign of social strategy, voice, engagement & aesthetics and saw immediate impact. We launched Anki on Instagram.

Later, when Anki and West parted ways, Anki chose to keep Traverse on, to continue growing our social relevancy & engagement. Years later, Anki has released new products in OVERDRIVE & Cozmo, earned Toy of the Year multiple times, and sold out at Holiday! Our social audience has grown into the hundreds of thousands, but more importantly, we have built an organic community of true, engaged fans. We're delivering both quantitative AND qualitative social growth.