adidas Skateboarding

When an iconic sportswear brand like adidas needs your help, you jump into action! When Traverse took the reigns of adidas Skateboarding’s social accounts it was cold and sterile, there was no community there, no fun. There was a lack of understanding of how social works and what followers want to see.

adidas didn’t need our help to be big, they needed our help to be social. Traverse started by doing outbound engagement. When a skater wearing adidas on Instagram gets a complement from their favorite brand, it means a lot. This is how we started growing the account and generating a lot of good will in the community. We educated the adidas team riders (Influencers) on how manage their own accounts and to tag adidas Skateboarding.

Today, adidas Skateboarding works like a well oiled social machine thanks to the foundation built by Traverse. On Instagram alone, their followers number over 2 million.